Photo by Ade Kurniawan

The dry season is a season full of interesting attractions in the land of Sumbawa, a variety of unique attractions in conducted in several places in the country which is rich in culture and tradition. One of it, is the "Main" Jaran "(Horse Racing).
Tens even hundreds of vehicles coming from various corners of this island and look busy and tares among the dust around the Circuit (Kerato). And around the bamboo fencing and a simple stage appear to be hundreds of community awaits eagerly under the brightly Sun.
Some young children who came of age on average under the Ten-years-old barefoot fun joking on the fence between the horses of which will be run fast with them.
There is no helmed, no Protective patron of his feet that are tiny, no saddle place sitting exciting reins, there are only two small pieces of rattan sticks he used to spur the horse.  
Their faces a plain, no load there is no sense of fear appears, all full of smiles as if looking forward waited his turn to be on a horse that would take him run fast among the dust of the circuit.
They're the "Jockey", which has a stunning capacity, they have the agility that is able to make you feel amazed.  

Photo by Ade Kurniawan

Photo By Ade Kurniawan

Seen also some Sandro (Shaman), required in the event his ability on supernatural power, his ability is the spells that will be able to make the horse becomes tame and wild. Little Jockey and Sandro is a sharp in the pageant grabs the spotlight Star full of pride. Match the strength, speed, and supernatural abilities in the days of grueling i.e. 1 week to a great hope that being a STAR field. They call STAR CHAMPION.

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